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System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedures

The “System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedures” course is probably the best of all the courses in our “Fast Track” Program. This course will jump-start a newly practicing HVAC Technician and Installer, as well as propel those existing HVAC/R Technicians and Installer into what has taken many individuals years to master.

Course Description

Investment only $499.00

What to Expect

This course provides the practicing technician with the necessary information to successfully diagnose Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration system problems, Systematic Troubleshooting and Diagnostics of: airflow problems, refrigerant cycle
malfunctions, suction, and liquid line restrictions, oil logged evaporator, undercharge, overcharge, compressor inefficiencies,
dirty condense, air in the system, and restricted metering device; Low and high condenser entering air temperatures are detailed.

  • Systematic diagnosis of the above-listed problems using service checklists to assist the service technician to
    quickly and efficiently troubleshoot a system is explained.
  • Basic and advanced leak detection covering the following six classes of leaks are detailed:
    • Standing leaks
    • Pressure dependent leaks
    • Temperature dependent leaks
    • Vibration dependent leaks
    • Combination dependent leaks
    • Cumulative dependent leaks

Testing procedures of evaporator leaks, condenser leaks, suction and liquid line leaks are all thoroughly explained. Advanced leak detection and modern leak detectors are also included and explained in detail.

System evacuation, deep vacuums, micron gauges and scales, vacuum pumps, vacuum manifolds, system pressure drops, vacuum breaker valves, and gas ballasts are all explained as well as illustrated.

System clean-out procedure after a compressor burnout using suction and liquid line filters and associated graphs are included. Combination acid and moisture test kits are also part of this course.

Investment Only: $499

The above course length takes 4 nights Monday through Thursday. (5:30 PM – 9:30 PM) if there was any misunderstanding, we went over exactly how this should look with Chris at 11 AM today, 8-2-23.