Champion Technician



Refrigeration Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

This course will introduce the student to the origin of refrigeration and how some of the main principles of the refrigeration cycle are applied in the HVAC industry.

The student will be introduced to the 3 methods of how heat transfer is accomplished:

  • conduction
  • convection
  • radiation

A troubleshooting technician must have a complete understanding of these heat transfer methods but not limited to how it affects the operation of the four main components of the refrigeration cycle.

Course Description

  • compressor
  • condenser
  • metering device
  • evaporator
  • superheat
  • subcool
  • desuperheat
  • latent heat
  • sensible heat
  • total heat

Technicians with years of field experience have been known to make costly diagnostic errors due to a lack of understanding of these basic processes.

  1. Be able to explain how a refrigeration system maintains high and low side pressures.
  2. Know how the change of state of refrigerant accomplishes the transfer of heat in the system coils.
  3. Understand how temperature/pressure charts are used in evaluating the operation of refrigeration systems.