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Despite an expected increase in demand for HVAC technicians, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a labor shortage in the HVAC industry over the next decade. Companies can reduce the risk of experiencing a labor shortage by joining Champion Technician Institute’s mentorship program. This mentoring program is designed to help companies find qualified candidates for open positions. Companies can handpick their mentees after an in-depth hiring process so both parties can be comfortable with their decisions.

What's the Mentorship Process Like?

1. Enroll in the Mentorship Program
Enrolling in the mentorship program is the first step for companies who wish to participate in the HVAC Career Placement Program to grow their team. By joining the program, the company is agreeing to work with CTI and abide by partnership guidelines. Once a company has completed the enrollment process, they can begin evaluating potential mentees.
2. Start Reviewing Potential Mentees
Companies can begin the process of selecting potential participants right away after signing up for the program. CTI requires students in the program to take an aptitude test and submit a pre-recorded interview for the company’s review. These submissions are used to assess if a student’s core values and strengths align with the company’s expectations.
3. Interviews and Hiring
After selecting a mentee that has piqued their interest, companies will engage in a face-to-face interview with the candidate. This interview allows for the mentor and mentee to outline their expectations and goals with one another. After meeting, companies can make an informed decision about proceeding with the selected mentee.
4. Provide OJT for Mentees
Once a company has selected a mentee, they can begin on-the-job training and shadowing. This will be done while mentees are enrolled in CTI’s Fast Track Program. On-the-job training alongside our HVAC program will help mentees learn company expectations and procedures as they prepare to become certified technicians.
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(these are just example candidates)

Sample mentee candidate 1 - Ted Lassiter | Partnership Enrollment for CTI's Mentorship Program | CTI - Champion Technician Institute |

Ted Lassiter

Daphne, Alabama
Ted showed an aptitude for mechanics even prior to entering our HVAC training program. He has shown a consistently positive attitude and has excelled in all manner of technical proficiencies. Ted does need to improve on his interpersonal communication and sales techniques.
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Sample mentee candidate 2 - Franklin Rizzo | Partnership Enrollment for CTI's Mentorship Program | CTI - Champion Technician Institute |

Franklin Rizzo

Lake City, Florida
Franklin was a long-time electrician before making the decision to switch careers and join the HVAC industry. His previous experience gives him an upper hand in the classroom and he is naturally charismatic. Franklin is independent and would thrive in a flexible work environment
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Sample mentee candidate 3 - Sarah Susandon | Partnership Enrollment for CTI's Mentorship Program | CTI - Champion Technician Institute |

Sarah Susandon

Wiggins, MS
Sarah Susandon is a recent high school graduate who is eager to pick up a trade and join the workforce. She is a fast learner and is proficient at troubleshooting systems. However, she is hesitant about asking others for help and is still developing her communication skills.
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What are the benefits of CTI's Mentorship Program?

New Hire quality assurance

CTI prides itself on molding smart and eager students into exceptional HVAC technicians. Each mentee will receive adequate HVAC training in CTI’s Fast Track Program, so companies can be confident in their new hires’ capabilities.

Zero risk Opportunity

The HVAC Career Placement Program has precautions in place so companies do not feel like they are taking a risk. Mentee replacements, potential reimbursements, and other negotiations can always be discussed between CTI and its partners.

Scaling Business Growth

Scaling a business’ growth is essential for continuing success. A necessary part of this growth is hiring new employees to support an expansion company. Investing in CTI’s HVAC Career Partnership Program is supplementing your HVAC company’s growth.

Cost of Finding a Quality Team

The standard hiring process can put a strain on a company’s finances, scheduling, and patience. CTI’s HVAC Career Partnership Program eliminates the uncertainties that usually come with hiring new technicians by making a cost-effective and structured alternative.

Replacement Guidelines

If a mentee is terminated or decides to opt out of the mentorship program, CTI will facilitate a replacement for the company. More information about the program’s replacement procedures and guidelines is provided in the contractor’s Statement of Work.

Win-Win-Win Situation

The program is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Mentees receive free training and start their career in a high-demand industry. Mentoring companies gain new employees who they know are qualified and motivated to succeed. CTI is able to continue introducing champions to the HVAC industry.

Discount Pricing

An added bonus of participating in the mentorship program is a discounted price on CTI courses. Discounted CEU’s are available for all employees, not just CTI alumni, to promote professional development.

Hostage Situation Elimination

The HVAC Career Partnership Program places owners back in the driver’s seat.
If the only thing keeping an unfavorable employee on the job is the risk of a labor shortage, the mentorship program offers a solution. Companies will have their pick of new, capable hires to fill the gap left by employees that fail to meet standards.

Turnover Prevention

Companies will not have to worry about investing in mentees that may develop wandering eyes after graduation. All mentees are obligated to remain employed with their mentoring company for at least one year after graduation.
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