Why Should You Attend Champion HVAC Technician Institute (CTI)?

Why Should You Attend Champion HVAC Technician Institute (CTI)?

Why Champion HVAC Technician Institute (CTI)?

HVAC Technician Institute
HVAC Technician Institute

Probably one of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself if you are interested in a lucrative career in the HVAC industry. My name is Andy Cross and I am the founder of Champion Technician Institute. Our promise to you is that this is the only school where you will become a
champion technician in the HVAC trade among others in this field with the same amount, or even more, time and experience as you.

Typically, someone pursues a specialized trade field because traditional college may not be the right fit for them. Whether it is a financial obstacle or a time issue, it is for these reasons, and many others, that I am proud to be able to offer this great alternative.

I have had the pleasure of teaching at some of the major technical colleges here in the Mobile, Alabama area. I had the privilege of starting, from scratch, the HVAC diploma program at one of these colleges. I started my HVAC career in 1981 as a helper working for Mr. A.J. Cross, my father. He received his engineering degree from the University of Houston. He later went on to become the regional manager for Honeywell Controls Company. Then one day in 1979 he decided to open a local HVAC company called A.C. Maintenance and Control, Inc. I later joined him after my graduation in 1982. It was then that my future path was set in motion. I always knew that the HVAC industry was where I would make my living. And it has made me a great living!

My father knew the value of good education in whatever field you decide to work. It was for that reason that I was given the opportunity to attend over 100 learning courses in the first 10 years of my career. The most important being at the Carrier University where I received my degree in Air Conditioning and Heating in Syracuse, New York. This two-year course was “Carrier’s Basic Design Course” taught by Mr. Joseph Carrier himself. The Carrier Corporation was founded by Mr. Willis Carrier who is still today referred to by many as the “father of air conditioning”.

It was through this experience that I would later learn to appreciate and understand the importance of learning and understanding the basic principles of air conditioning and how they would apply to one’s successful future in the industry. It was 10 years later that I purchased A.C. Maintenance and Control, Inc. from my father.

Another lesson in appreciating something is to pay for it instead of it being just given to you. I have had the privilege of traveling our great nation speaking and teaching to other owners and their technicians to find the number one shortage in this industry, that we could all agree on, was good technicians.

There does not seem to be enough good technicians to meet the growing demand of HVAC businesses. It is for this reason that Champion Technician Institute is proud to offer our 30-day fast track program.

Who should attend this 30-day fast track program?
Anyone that has a high school diploma or GED and loves the hands-on experience of fixing or creating something and then watching it work while making a great living in this HVAC industry would always regret not attending this program.

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