Course Info

Course Info

HVAC Certification Course & EPA Section 608 Certification Program Information

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Our HVAC technician certification course is a two part program. Once a student is accepted, he/she will receive the “pre course” study guide materials 30 days in advance. The study guide materials must be completed. The student always complete review questions and the test associated with each section of the study guide. These pre course study materials will be verified throughout the 30 dasy prior to attending the school location. This will be done between the student and instructor via the web. The intent of the pre-course study guide is to ensure that all students contain the same minimal level of knowledge required to be successful in achieving the overall course objectives. This program is like no other being offered. With “100% guarantee” the one on one communication between the student and instructor is very important.

HVAC Technician Certification Course Information

The following is included in tuition: 

  • Tool Kit
  • Study materials (books and handouts)
  • Uniforms
  • Laundry Service
  • Drinks (sports drinks, water, soda) 

Students should bring: 

  • Pens, pencils, spiral notebook
  • Calculator
  • Tablet/Laptop/Smart Phone (for downloading HVAC apps)
  • Bookbag/backpack
  • Personal spending money 
  • Any prescription medications (contact us for state laws) 

Additional Information

  • Our HVAC Technician EPA Section 608 Certification program offers instruction for a total of 30 Days (M-F) |
  • Our maximum class size is 10 Students
  • All of the HVAC technician certification course training is conducted ON-SITE with our HVAC Installation Simulator in beautiful and historic Mobile, Alabama

    Upon the conclusion of the course
  • You will have the knowledge and experience required to complete the EPA- Section 608- certification (This allows you to buy & handle Freon)
  • You will be a highly trained and competent HVAC Technician that can garner a high rate of pay for your knowledge and experience
  • You will be a respected HVAC Technician that can independently run service calls and provide HVAC Maintenance for residential and light commercial calls for any HVAC company in the United States.

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