HVAC Certification Courses

CTI's certification courses are of paramount importance for both new HVAC training students and working HVAC professionals to earn and maintain their HVAC contractors license.

Boost Your Earning Potential and Viability with CTI's HVAC Certification Courses

Earning your HVAC certification is a great way to improve career prospects and earning potential. Champion Technician Institute makes sure to equip students with as many tools as possible to help them succeed as HVAC professionals.
Almost all of the courses in CTI's program offer certificates of completion or employment-ready certificates. These certificates can provide an HVAC/R technician with skills and credibility. That makes these courses valuable to students taking the entire program and practicing technicians who want to widen their skill set. To provide ease of access to our HVAC training program, CTI offers online classes so students can receive their certifications online.
The state of Alabama requires all practicing technicians to be licensed, and the EPA requires all technicians who handle refrigerants to pass the EPA Section 608 Technician Certification exam. CTI instructors closely follow relevant preparatory manuals so students are receiving information that will help them excel in their exams. We want our students to be more than just qualified to join the HVAC trade - we want them to be champions in it.

Earn Your HVAC Certification Online

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all technicians that handle refrigerants to be licensed. Prepare for the EPA Section 608 Certification exam from the comfort of your home. Champion Technician Institute offers specialized courses that focus on HVAC license exam preparation.

The majority of CTI's Fast Track courses provide certificates of completion or employment ready certificates. These certification courses can be useful to newcomers to the trade as well as established HVAC technicians who wish to elevate their knowledge.

CTI's HVAC Certifications Course Listing

Please note: this course listing is subject to change. Please call or submit a request online to confirm course offerings.
Universal R-410A National Safety and Training Course
This course will provide the training and knowledge necessary to safely service HVAC systems that contain refrigerant types R-410A and R-407C
Learn more about this course
System Recovery and Evacuation
In this course, students will learn how to properly recover refrigerants, perform recycling and reclamation, measure a deep vacuum, and complete the evacuation process.
Learn more about this course
System Performance
In the lab-only class, students must demonstrate aptitude in all previous Fast Track material.
Learn more about this course
System Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedures
This course provides students and practicing technicians with the necessary information to successfully diagnose air conditioning and refrigeration system problems.
Learn more about this course
Residential Installation Procedures
This course is designed for the newest member of your organization to become immediately profitable while working in the field.
Learn more about this course
Service Call Procedures
In this course, students will learn about the different service call practices used by companies nationwide.
Learn more about this course
Residential Heat Load Calculation
This course covers construction materials and how they affect a structure’s heat loss and heat gain.
Learn more about this course
Refrigeration Fundamentals and Troubleshooting (Airflow and Refrigeration Systems)
This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of the refrigeration cycle and the importance of airflow in the system.
Learn more about this course
Refrigeration Cycle Refrigerants and Components
Students will learn about the basic vapor compression refrigeration cycle, refrigerants and oils, and refrigerant circuit components.
Learn more about this course
Psychrometrics Without Tears
This course will cover psychrometrics and provide extensive information on the subject, such as airflow computations and air properties.
Learn more about this course
Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears
This course will teach students about the systematic breakdown of the refrigeration cycle as it travels through an HVAC system.
Learn more about this course
HVAC/R Electrical Simulator
The HVAC/R Electrical Simulator is an interactive fault scenario that will greatly improve students’ understanding of HVAC systems’ electrical makeup.
Learn more about this course
HVAC/R 3D Light Commercial Systems Evacuation and Charging Procedures
The HVACR 3D training package provides students with a course to safely learn and practice the procedures related to troubleshooting and servicing commercial refrigeration systems.
Learn more about this course
Heat Pump Fundamentals
This course provides an in-depth look at how heat pumps work and how each of their components operate in tandem
Learn more about this course
Gas Heating
This course focuses on furnaces and boilers that burn natural gas or propane (LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas).
Learn more about this course
EPA Section 608 HVAC Technician Certification
This course will fully prepare students and technicians for the exam that will grant them Section 608 Technician Certification or universal certification.
Learn more about this course
Brazing and Soldering: Copper Tubing and Processes
Students will be introduced to the various types of copper tubing and the processes for which they are prepared for use.
Learn more about this course
Air Flow 101
This course will provide students with an overview of the principles related to air measurement and the fundamentals of air movement.
Learn more about this course
Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedures
This course will expand upon the refrigeration cycle and introduce charging procedures.
Learn more about this course
Reading Electrical Wiring Diagrams
This course will focus on reading and interpreting wiring diagrams that are most commonly used in the HVAC industry.
Learn more about this course
Electrical Theory and Applications for HVAC/R
Students and practicing technicians will learn about electricity and how to utilize it in diagnosing and solving electrical problems.
Learn more about this course
Trade Math Class
This class covers a variety of topics including simple algebra and geometry, such as figuring the area and volume of rectangles, squares, and cylinders.
Learn more about this course
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