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HVAC Residential Installation Procedures

This course has many of the micro procedures from the Refrigeration and Airflow courses that we offer for technicians. This course is designed from the newest to the oldest member of your organization to become immediately profitable while working in the field. With our “Installation Guide” you will be able to equip them with the needed tools to perform a typical residential HVAC installation and watch them go! This course will guide the typical apprentice through the proper steps and procedures of how to install a residential split system. Time management as well as local code violations will be addressed. This course will be a 90% hands on exercise of things that the Lead and Secondary installer will perform during a typical residential, vertical or horizontal, HVAC installation.

Course Description

Investment only $499.00

Items Covered:

  • Parking locations upon arrival.
  • Customer greeting and reviewing the install (paperwork and non-covered cost upfront).
  • Job site preparation (floor savers, travel routes, estimated completion time, etc…
  • Removing the existing equipment involving recovery or refrigerant.
  • Installing the new equipment and structural modifications if needed.
  • Natural gas piping and clearances.
  • Heat Pump applications.
  • Code violations to avoid.
  • Ductwork sizing, fabrication, modifications, and installation procedures.
  • Soldering, pressure testing, evacuation, dehydration, and decay test.
  • Electrical practices and procedures. (mounting thermostats, disconnects, electrical whips, etc…).
  • Charging Techniques (critical charging, superheat, subcool, and airflow methods).
  • Advertising with stickers.
  • Clean up procedures
Investment Only: $499.00
The above course length takes 4 nights Monday through Thursday. (5:30 PM – 9:30 PM) if there was any misunderstanding, we went over exactly how this should look with Chris at 11 AM today, 8-2-23.