HVAC Certification Training Information

HVAC Certification Training Information
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How is the HVAC certification course taught?

In our HVAC Certification course, we strongly believe in exposing our students to the systems and challenges they will encounter in the field. All of our instruction is “hands-on” with guided instruction from the teacher and other experienced experts. You will be mentored throughout the class and help is always available. The goal is for you to go from beginner to expert in a short time period. The training is very immersive, challenging, and thorough. 

Andy Cross, our school’s Director/Lead Instructor, has mentored and instructed a number of prospective technicians over his 30-year career and he has come to the conclusion that the “hands on” approach MUST be the approach that is followed. Without that approach, technicians may enter the HVAC work force not truly ready to run standard service calls.

In all of our training, we will be provided real world and practical examples from actual situations that have been encountered. We will recreate these scenarios in the shop and let you trouble shoot the systems and implement the expected correction. We feel that this is the BEST method of training for prospective HVAC Technicians.

What is the Certification Course Class Size

HVAC Certification Course
HVAC Certification Course Work Station

Our facility and lab is configured for a small class size so that each student has space to work without being confined to a tiny area. We can only accept 10 students per class. This translates into a TON of one on one instruction/mentoring.

What Will Be Taught During the Certification Course?

Our program will prepare all of our students to be an HVAC Technician that will be able to run service calls with little to no supervision. Our students will learn how to install, service, conduct maintenance on a variety of HVAC systems commonly used in the commercial and residential markets today. Out students will be using our HVAC lab complete with HVAC systems and simulated wall structures for wiring and pipes to get an actual feel for how to service and maintain a system in a residence of commercial property.

HVAC Certification Course Equipment & Tool Requirements?

You don’t need to bring anything (other than maybe a pen/pencil). We will provide you will a tool belt and all course materials. These are yours to keep during the course and then once you go home..

The HVAC Tools & Materials You Get Are:

  • Tools
  • Gauges
  • Meter
  • Other materials
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