Find out if you have what it takes to be chosen for the program. 
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How It Works

Assessment Test

CTI’s HVAC Career Placement Program begins with an aptitude test to determine if a candidate is compatible with HVAC companies in the program.

The test will identify the mentee’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses. CTI will use that information to pair them with an HVAC company that best suits them. 
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Day 1

Personality Test

Champion Technician HVAC assessment score cart

Digital Interview

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Day 2

Recorded Interview

By engaging in a recorded interview, mentees will begin the process of marketing themselves to high-quality HVAC companies. These recorded interviews will help companies determine which students they want to join the mentorship program.

Start the Process

Interview With Companies

A successful mentoring program relies on a positive, transparent mentee-mentor relationship. Before an agreement is set in stone, students must participate in an interview with their potential mentor.
In this interview, the mentor will explain job responsibilities, salary expectations, and other similar topics.
Find a Mentor
Day 3-7

Mentor Interview

Start OJT & School

Day 4-10


After finding an HVAC company that suits them best, students can begin CTI’s Fast Track Program. The program will give them the tools necessary to excel in their mentorship program and subsequent career.
As students complete the necessary courses, they will also begin on-the-job training and shadowing with their mentors.
Pre-Qualify Now

HVAC Certified Tech

CTI offers certificate programs and courses that focus on certification exam preparation. By passing CTI’s Fast Track Course and earning HVAC certifications, mentees will have all of the qualifications needed to become practicing technicians.
After graduating from CTI’s Fast Track program, mentees can begin working for their mentoring company.
Get Certified
Day 48-68

Finish Training



Champion Technician Institute’s HVAC Career Placement Program provides the support and security needed to make a wise career change. Students at CTI receive HVAC training, acquire a deeper knowledge of the field, and gain the confidence they need to succeed in a new career.

CTI takes an extra step in ensuring student success, and provides opportunities to enlist in mentorships that guarantee jobs after graduation. By starting a mentoring program, students will become mentees in an HVAC company and experience on-the-job training alongside normal CTI courses. Their mentoring companies will cover the cost of the student’s tuition and fees, so students can develop a new trade and start a new career free of charge.

This aspect of CTI’s HVAC training program creates a mutually beneficial relationship between mentors and mentees. Mentors receive a new capable, qualified employee. Mentees gain career development and job security.

Family Focused Mentors

Flexibility is important for students because it allows them to have time to dedicate to their families and life outside of work. CTI and our partnered companies make sure to provide flexible schedules for our training programs so that students can have the best possible experience. Mentees will have ample time left over in their schedule to dedicate to their families and life outside of work. This is because CTI understands that students have other commitments outside of their job.

HVAC Mentors invest in you 

For our HVAC partners, mentees are an investment. Companies that partner with CTI for our HVAC Career Placement Program will cover their mentee’s tuition and course fees. In exchange, mentees will devote themselves to the mentorship program and work for that respective company after graduation (employees will still be paid an average salary).
HVAC technicians yearly salary can range from $46,940 to $100,00+ .

What HVAC mentors want

When selecting mentees for the program, CTI makes sure that candidates display qualities that make an ideal HVAC technician. Companies are searching for mentees who have a “student mindset,” or a constant eagerness to learn and develop new skills. Positive attitudes and excellent problem-solving skills are necessities so technicians can provide the best possible services to their customers.
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