Champion Technician



Heat Pumps

This course covers the refrigeration cycle and the air flow program of the heat pump system. Students will:

  • Learn how to charge a heat pump in the cooling mode.
  • Learn how to charge a heat pump in the heating mode.
  • Learn how to check and verify a heat pump in the defrost mode.
  • Learn how a reversing valve functions.
  • Learn how to use manufacturer’s charging charts to evaluate the operation of the equipment.

Course Description

The electric furnace program will cover all of the component operation found in the indoor air handler of a split system heat pump, including:

  • Supplemental heat strips
  • Sequencers
  • Breakers
  • Contractors
  • Thermal Overloads Proper airflow
  • CFM Calculations
  • Balance Point
  • Total Heat Calculations
  • Latent Heat Calculations
  • Sensible Heat Calculations

This course will end with a troubleshooting session that will cover:

  • Understanding the importance of checking the refrigerant
  • 5 main questions to ask before servicing a unit
  • Describing the methods used to calculate the net cooling capacity
  • Understand how to troubleshoot a compressor
  • Identify troubleshooting procedures for refrigerant components
  • Troubleshoot electrical and control components utilizing the wiring diagram
  • Effectively use a troubleshooting flowchart