Champion Technician



Hands-On Training

Our lab is set up so that each individual student has their own workstation throughout the entire program. They will experience the same challenges in our lab, that they will experience once they are out in the field. All installation techniques, mounting, wiring, charging and troubleshooting are done on live equipment to guarantee a real-world experience. We also stress the importance of the recovery, evacuation, dehydration, and decay process to each student.

The big and boring textbook days are over. Technology has now changed education into a bundle of more exciting video courses which are easier to understand. Combining these videos with CTI’s Interactive Simulations and our hands-on “Virtual Reality” Simulations and courses, learning becomes much more fun! You can run service calls without ever moving. Learn how to fix the problem here so it doesn’t become your problem out there. We need technicians to learn how to fix the problem here now, so it won’t be their problem out there.

Real-World Training Station

The Real-World Training Stations are set up, look like, and function just like the equipment the student will encounter out in the field. The student will perform the same tasks such as: Recovery, evacuation. dehydration, decay, brazing, charging and troubleshooting along with many other procedures they will be required to perform as a service or install technician.

Aerial View

This is a picture of most of the lab layout. It is constantly being modified to help keep up with the Fast-Track performance requirements.

Mobile Trainer

Our Mobile Trainer was designed by our instructor Andy Cross, to help students master their troubleshooting and charging skills. This trainer is able to simulate summer and winter ambient conditions along with high and low heat conditions in the house. This really helps the student understand what to do in extreme weather conditions.

Hardware Replacements

Unlike many other HVAC Labs, the students will remove and replace many of the major and minor components of their HVAC workstation.

Duct Board Cutting

Most supply houses provide a duct board cutting machine, but the technician still needs to know how to cut offsets and 90-degree angles for field installations along with proper take off and flex connections.

Natural Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces are still a large part of our market, so we have the student go through our Gas Heat certification to make sure they fully understand the sequence of operation and the safety concerns with dealing with fossil fuel heating.


A little game of troubleshooting!

Brazing & Soldering

All students will learn about the brazing and soldering processes, why we use nitrogen and how to set up their torch rig from scratch. This course also has a national certification.


Our high-tech fully equipped lab is designed to provide students with hands-on training in the latest HVAC technologies and techniques. With state-of-the-art equipment and experienced instructors, our 6-week fast track HVAC training course offers students a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for success in the industry.

Learn How to Fix the Problem Here, So It Doesn't Become Your Problem Out there!