Champion Technician



Gas Heating

This course is designed for those that maintain, service, and install gas heating systems or those just looking for a more in-depth source of accurate information. This modular training program focuses on furnaces and boilers that burn natural gas or LP.

Modern heating systems have become far more efficient than their predecessors. Integrated circuit boards and electronic ignition systems have replaced the mechanical controls and manually lit pilots of older systems. It is recommended that students have a working knowledge of electricity and digital multimeter use.

Course Description

  • Safe working practices
  • Combustion of both natural gas and LP
  • Proper venting procedures for gas-burning appliances
  • Fuel system components of furnaces and boilers
  • Furnace and boiler components and controls
  • Sequence of operations and schematics for furnaces and boilers
  • Gas pipe sizing and installation
  • Furnace and boiler installations
  • Troubleshooting mechanical and electrical faults