1. Can I get a job with this certification?
    YES. CTI also offers job placement assistance to graduates of the program.
  2. What does an HVAC tech do?
    An HVAC technician help to maintain a comfortable and safe environment in homes and businesses for people to live and work.
  3. What makes CTI different from other HVAC training programs?
    Using the 39 years of experience of our instructors, we have put this course together with concentration on teaching the student to become a “professional technician” by servicing clients at the highest level, being the best you can be for your company, achieving your dreams and improving your life and career for your own future and the future of your family.
  4. How long is your program?
    This is a 150-hour program that spans over a 30-day period.
  5. What is EPA certification?
    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a mandatory program that requires all technicians to be certified before performing maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of an appliance that contains refrigerant chemicals.
  6. What should I bring?
    Refer to website for details.