CTI Faculty and Staff

Meet the team and learn about how Champion Technician Institute transformed from a dream to reality.

Meet Andy Cross, HVAC Master Instructor and President of CTI

42+ Years of Working Experience Since 1980

Andy Cross is Champion Technician Institute’s founder and lead instructor. He has invested 42 years into the HVAC industry and is passionate about the opportunities that its careers provide. He has been sharpening the idea of CTI for over four years to provide more accessible opportunities for people who are curious about joining the HVAC trade.

Over 42 Years of Experience, Cerifications, and Accolades

  • Carrier University — HVAC Associate Degree
  • Lead Instructor for Remington College's HVAC Program in 2018
  • Instructor at Fortis College in 2017
  • General Management for Growth & Profit
  • Member of American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers' (ASHRAE)
  • Ferris State University Certification — Refrigerant Transition & Recovery
  • Alabama Certified Contractor's License
  • State of Alabama Certified Master Gas Fitter
  • Graduate of Carrier System Design Course
  • Southeast Technical College — Industrial Electricity
  • Alabama Power Heat Pump School — Troubleshooting Heat Pump Refrigeration Systems
  • Alabama Power Heat Pump School — Management 2000 Course
  • Barber Colman Energy Management Course — Supervisor (DDC Controls)
  • Barber Colman Energy Management Course — Network 2100 (DDC Controls)
  • Bryant Load Calculation Course
  • Bryant Heat Pump Certification Courses
  • Bryant Duct Design Schools
  • Alabama Power Certificate – Troubleshooting Heat Pump Electrical Systems
  • Bacharach Institute of Technical Training – Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Training
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Reserve Association Certificate of Completion
  • RE Michel Certification – TXV Charging & Installation
  • RE Michel Certification – UTICA Board and Gas Furnace
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Reserve Association Certificate of Completion
  • RE Michel Certification – TXV Charging & Installation
  • RE Michel Certification – UTICA Board and Gas Furnace
  • Carrier Refrigeration Course — Chillers — Houston, TX
  • Carrier/Parker Electronic System Specialists Training Program (DDC Controls)
  • Carrier Comfort Network Contractor Sales Training Course (DDC Controls)
  • Sporlan Certification — Valve Specialist
  • Certificate of Completion to ASHRAE Professional Development Seminar – Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing
  • NBI Certification — Air Balancing
  • Comfort Institute — Mold and Moisture Diagnostics and Solutions
  • Puron Certification — Bryant
  • Bryant Certified — Duct Cleaning
  • Maio Marketing Certificate: "Seeing is Believing"
  • Ferris University Certificate: Type II, IV
  • Maio Marking Certification: "Winning in the Field"
  • Alabama Power Heat Pump School — PC and Basic Word Processing
  • Future University — General Management for Growth Training
  • Future University — Maintenance Service Technician Sales Training
  • Future University — Advanced Residential Replacement Sales Training
  • Future University — Residential Replacement Sales Training
  • Success Academy — Professional Technician Honor
  • American Standard Certification – Low Voltage Wiring
  • RE Michel Certification – 410A Installation & Safety
  • American Standard Certificate – AIR Flow
  • Mobile Supply Company Certificate – Duct Cleaning Procedures
  • Future Certification – Business Owner’s Survival School
  • American Society of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineer’s Certification: “Preventing Common Minimum Standard Violations”
  • Professional Safety Technician Certificate – “Focus and Finding Failure”
  • Career Track Certificate – “Managing Emotions Under Pressure”
  • Successware 21 – “Certificate of Training”
  • Member of:
    • Contractor Success Group, Inc.
    • Contractor Success Group, Inc. — Advanced HVAC Marketing Boot Camp
    • Gree New Technology Training — Mini and Multi Split Systems
    • Daiken "Ductless Residential & Light Commercial Systems"
    • American Standard Certificate — "Heat Pump Diagnostics R-22 and R-410A"

Meet Cindy Pierce

Admissions & Finance Specialist

Cindy will likely be your first contact at CTI. She will help you through your enrollment process, as well as guide you through financial planning. She has an extensive background in post-secondary education, and has held roles such as registrar, admissions advisor, and financial planning specialist. She has a passion for helping people to achieve their goals and guiding them to success. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and is also a Certified Life and Relationship Coach.

Cindy is here to help guide you through your journey with Champion Technician Institute. Contact us today to get started.

Why We Built Champion Technician Institute

The Problem

The idea for Champion Technician Institute came after Andy identified shortcomings in other trade schools’ HVAC programs. He found that schools would not administer the exams necessary for students to receive HVAC certifications, or that the programs offered were exceedingly long-winded and time-consuming.

Sometimes, making a rapid career change isn’t simply a desire - it’s a necessity. Students need an expedited training process without skimping on the knowledge needed to establish themselves as competent employees.

The Solution

Today’s economy feels volatile, leaving many anxious about their future. Career-hopefuls can find stability in the HVAC career as there is always an unwavering demand for technicians. Providing quality HVAC services and repairs can provide employees with a comfortable living and job security, but proper education is necessary to achieve these things. CTI's instructors are dedicated to establishing relationships with students based upon effective communication and make it a priority to eliminate any intimidation associated with educational settings.

The Vision

Andy’s vision for Champion Technician Institute is to provide each student with a high-level education. The school curriculum is designed to equip students with the tools necessary to succeed in an HVAC career within just 30 days. CTI emphasizes flexible scheduling and class formats so that its courses are more accessible to a wide variety of students.

The Promise

By the time students complete courses at CTI, they should be confident in their capabilities as certified HVAC technicians. Each course is guaranteed to sharpen and broaden students’ skill sets.
CTI prioritizes student success. Instead of charging students costly course fees for lengthy programs that do not even guarantee certification, CTI provides students with financial aid opportunities, certification courses, and lesson plans that get them into the HVAC industry as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions about registration, please call us at (800) 882-9281 or fill the form on our website’s contact page.

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