Champion Technician



Air Conditioning Electrical Fault Simulator

The air conditioning electrical fault training simulator will help the student fine tune their electrical skills with it’s 30 different senarios.

These 30 different problems will deal with faults on:

  • compressor
  • indoor motor
  • outdoor fan motor
  • thermostat
  • contactor
  • relay
  • potential relay
  • capacitor
  • transformer
  • time delay

Course Description

  • The 6 modules are delivered one at a time, with each new section being unlocked as the previous section
    is completed. This feature ensures that the program is completed as intended.
  • Each module consists of a mentor feature which guides the learner through each process. They say that
    practice makes perfect, but this is not necessarily true. If you don’t practice correctly, you cannot
    possibly learn correctly. This feature makes certain that users practice correctly.
  • After the mentor section has been successfully completed, the program allows users to practice, and
    master, the procedures on their own. (Certificate of Completion Included).