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When opportunity meets quality, success just happens. 


Start the process
Make the first step into entering a new career by filling out CTI's student profile form. Here, students will indicate if they are interested in participating in our HVAC Career Placement Program and can find out if they qualify for financial assistance.


Strategy Session
Once Champion Technician Institute has assessed a student's aptitude and attitude, they may qualify for the HVAC Career Placement Program, where vetted HVAC company partners may select students for on-the-job training and  future employment


Get Connected
Start learning with Andy Cross, CTI's highly accredited founder and lead instructor. Equipped with 42 years of experience in the HVAC career, Andy created CTI to bridge the gaps left by other HVAC schools and to streamline the process of entering a new trade.


See what we can do to help grow your company.
Sign up to find the HVAC Tech you've been looking for.

Win Win Win

We've designed our program so everyone involved wins.

HVAC Night Classes

Create a schedule that fits your needs. Classes start at 5pm and include single classes or full courses.

HVAC Careers 

CTI's Career Placement Program gives students employment opportunities with local HVAC companies. 

HVAC Day Courses

Explore our Fast Track Program and courses to become a skilled technician in a just matter of weeks.

Growing Together - Company & Career 

Our Career Placement Program is designed to work with local reputable HVAC companies for the placement of our students who meet or exceed the HVAC career partner standards. Students who complete courses at CTI and meet placement requirements will be offered a career with competitive wedges and benefits.
Partnership Program
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